Nature Quiz (Hardcover)

By Arup Kumar Dutta

In the wider sense of the term, ‘nature’ can be said to encompass all phenomena not created by man and over which he has no control. This would make it a board canvas that takes in its sweep all branches of natural science, including physics, chemistry, biology, zoology, astronomy, meteorology, geology, anthropology, geography, ecology, paleontology, and genetics. Such an connotation of ‘nature’ is obviously too extensive for a nature quiz book of this kind. The book, therefore, restricts the field of survey to the popular view of natural history as the study of living things, or living organisms.

Arup Kumar Dutta, who hails from Jorhat, Assam, is a full-time professional writer and freelance journalist. He first came into literary limelight with his adventure novel for young people, The Kaziranga Trail. Dubbed as ‘India’s Own Blyton’, Mr. Dutta is credited with ‘creating what is veritably a new genre of gripping fiction set in India’ for teenagers.

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