By Wing Commander Ragashree D. Nair

Diplomacy Liberated is a “Golden Treasury” of about a hundred of the more than 1,500 pieces that the author, Ambassador T.P. Sreenivasan, wrote since he was liberated from the constraints of being a diplomat for 37 years. The editor and the author’s PhD scholar, K. Gokul, chose those essays which they considered the best and timeless pieces.

Most of them deal with diplomacy, but also cover other important matters of interest in India and abroad. Some of the essays created waves and made a difference in the perceptions of the people in authority. A few of them reverberated in the chambers of the United Nations and the foreign offices of different countries. The book celebrates the attainment of 80 years of the author’s wisdom and his experience.

AMBASSADOR T.P. SREENIVASAN has the distinction of having served at the Ambassadorial level at the UN in New York, Nairobi and Vienna, where he was the Governor for India at the International Atomic Energy Agency. He was the first to be posted to the US three times, including as Ambassador and Deputy Chief of Mission in Washington. He has also been High Commissioner to Fiji and Kenya and posted in Tokyo, Thimphu, Moscow, New York and Yangon, besides serving in New Delhi.

After his return to Kerala in 2004, he has been the Director General of the Kerala International Centre, Vice Chairman of the Kerala State Higher Education Council, Director of the NSS Civil Service Academy, Mentor and Professor of Eminence at the Somaiya Vidya Vihar University, Mumbai, and Visiting Professor at the Central University of Kerala, Kasaragod.

As the editor of Diplomacy Liberated, WING COMMANDER RAGASHREE D. NAIR brings a wealth of expertise in international relations, honed through a distinguished 15-year career in the Indian Air Force. Throughout her service, she held key positions at major airbases, providing invaluable insights into security dynamics, a crucial aspect of modern diplomacy.

An alumnus of Management Development Institute (MDI), Gurgaon, she holds multiple postgraduate degrees and certifications, including in human resource management, brand management, and linguistics. She currently serves as the Co-Chair & CEO of Medicaid Ethos Private Limited and as a Director at Nuttmeg Products Private Limited.