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At KONARK BOOKS, we ask ourselves “why are we in this business”? Our answer is not simple really. For over thirty years in the business, we have, against considerable odds, believed that books are heirlooms to be handed down from generation to generation. Our articles of faith, therefore, draw their sustenance from a desire to leave a legacy that our readers can be proud of.

In the pursuit of this objective, Konark has sought to high standards in Indian publishing – amply reflected in the caliber of our authors, our choice of subjects, and our uncompromising commitment to production values.

Our founding principles have rested on the belief that as publishers we must help explore newer frontiers of knowledge and stimulate intellectual curiosity. Often daring to take on ‘taboo’, Konark is willing to speak truth to power and enrich public discourse and help develop a vibrant reading culture.

Who We Are

KPR Nair
K.P.R. Nair

Founder, Konark India

Latha Ramachandran

Vice President


Where We Are

Konark Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Mail: 206, First Floor, Peacock Lane, Shahpur Jat, New Delhi – 110049
Phone: (011-91) 410-55065