Renewable Energy: Environment and Development (Hardcover)

By Maheshwar Dayal

Preservation of the environment is one of the most urgent issues to consume public debates today. Energy is a fundamental requirement of all spheres of life. Dr. Dayal’s thesis is that energy systems based on renewable sources like the sun, biomas, wind, etc. can provide clean energy while preserving the environment. The book is informative and enlightening.

Dr. Maheshwar Dayal, who was educated at Cambridge as a physicist, is a pioneer in the field of nuclear energy, as well as renewable energy sources. He is responsible for the development of the renewable energy programme to the stage where it is a major national activity. He has been Secretary to Government of India, Department of Non-conventional Energy Sources, Ministry of Energy.

"Renewable Energy by Maheshwar Dayal is a balanced lucid account of the development and use of bio-mass, solar, wind and other renewable energy technologies." The Hindustan Times

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