The Tangy Taste of Indian Politics and Beyond (Hardcover)

By N K Singh

This book is the third one by the author. He has written with deep insight and integrity about the system that he is a part of brings to the fore the seamier side of our establishment and public life. He has given an account of all the ills that plague our politics, judiciary, its instruments and enforcement agencies, and the manipulation, corruption, lack of integrity and distortions that exist in them. He also speaks of institutional deficiencies and the lack of political will to reform the rotting systems. The institution of Lokpal, for instance, is a vision that continues to be in the distant horizon.

The book is divided into six parts with a central theme running through it. But, it is not all about the dark cloud. The silver lining has also been touched upon. The good and positive sides have not been left out. Icons of socialism, honest and committed public figures, including JP, have been discussed. The last two chapters, ‘The Moral Support’ and ‘Reward for Honesty’ in particular, with excerpts of letters received by the author on two crucial occasions, have a message for all, from the dynamic youth to the dyed in the wool bureaucrat that in the final reckoning, it pays to be honest. The author emphasises that one can always hope to get support if one is morally principled and scrupulously honest.

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