Beyond the Office Window: Discovery of Indian Ethos (Hard Cover)

By A.K. Pande

A. K. Pande’s book Beyond the Office Window describes his memorable experiences beyond office. For him, it is a voyage of discovery of a land, its culture, creeds, traditions, languages, dialects, literature, art, music and historical monuments―in short, the heritage of India in its entirety which is as varied as its amazing and beautiful terrain. The diversity, that is India, is indeed a mesmeric experience. Threading through the variety and apparent contrasts of the land is its oneness that can be best defined as Indian ethos. And through the many centuries, many great souls have both nurtured it and helped it to evolve further. To get a true feel of the Indian ethos, the author steps out of his shell and moves around to discover that he belongs to a land that is whole with no barriers dividing its plurality.

A. K. Pande, a member of Indian Customs and Central Excise Services retired in 2002 from the post of Director-General and Special Secretary, Economic Intelligence Bureau in the Ministry of Finance after serving Government of India for 36 years. He had held several senior positions in a number of government departments. His experiences in the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) and in the Central Board of Excise and Customs gave him an insight into some of the important events starting from Emergency in 1975 to the era of reforms and coalition governments from the nineties upto the beginning of the 21st century and their impact on civil administration, trade and industry. His earlier book Grit That Defied Odds reflects his experiences which was published in 2008. He has written in this book about his experiences not relating to his profession but to some interesting people, places and events.

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