Road to Excellence: Japanese Management in Indian Milieu (Hardcover)

By Kamla Kant Tripathi

Japanese management practices have earned global encomium making ‘success’ coterminous with ‘Japanese’. Transcending articulation in terms of categories, it has come to be more of a ‘spirit’ than a ‘style’. Literature on its study in the Western context may be outpouring, but it is noticeably missing in the Indian context. This book endeavours to fill this gap. While scanning principal strands of the Japanese system of management vis-à-vis contemporary systems of the West, the book visualizes its role in the newly emerging ‘border-less world’, and proceeds to identify appropriate lessons for the Indian management scene. With the present move of globalization, opening an array of options, work assumes added significance. With his literary background, analytical approach, and a humanist, rational disposition, the author has produced a treatise that adds a new dimension to managerial knowledge besides satisfying a current practical need.

Kamala Kant Tripathi taught political science at the University of Gorakhpur for about four years, before joining the Indian Revenue Service in 1975. Well known for creative writing in Hindi, Tripathi’s Pahighar (Farm House), a historical fiction set in the backdrop of 1857 Oudh, won the prestigious Shrikant Verma award and the Hindi Academy (Delhi) award.

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