The Other Side Of Development: The Tribal Story (Hardcover)

By Arun Kumar Ghosh and Ram Dayal Munda

The volume discusses how the tribal people have suffered more than any other group from displacement caused on account of acquisition of their land and how the dispossession from their land combined with the dismal record of their rehabilitation has led to disintegration of tribal society, loss of identity and economic impoverishment. The volume also discusses the nature of environment degradation in tribal areas and the social injustice caused to the tribal people on account of it. The failure of a regulatory mechanism to protect the environment and apathy of democratic institutions to take up the grievances of tribal people in this regard worsens their plight. Finally, the volume critically examines the development policies and programmes for the tribal people with special comments on the Draft National Policy.

Arun Kumar Ghosh obtained his Master's degree in Arts (Sociology) from the University of Delhi. He did a certificate course in micro level planning from Association of Voluntary Agencies of Rural Development, New Delhi. He was Fellow in the Council for Social Development and was associated with the Council for about three decades and worked on more than thirty research projects. His major areas of interest include Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, Rural Development and Slums and Environment. He has published a number of articles in various journals, and has coauthored the following books : Evaluation of Low Cost Sanitation, Rural Employment Programme, Sanitation and Environment Restoration of Human Dignity, and Land Reforms in Gujarat.

Ram Dayal Munda obtained M.A. and Ph.D degrees in Linguistics from the University of Chicago University, USA. He was Professor in the University of Ranchi and subsequently became Vice-Chancellor of Ranchi University. He went to Tokyo University and Australian National University, Canberra as a Visiting Professor. He has several books and papers to his credit. He is presently Chief President of India Confederation of Indigenous and Tribal People (ICITP). He is involved in active policy making at the UN Working Group on Indigenous Populations at Geneva and the UN Forum of Indigenous Issues in New York in the capacity of a senior official of the ICITP. In 2007, Ram Dayal Munda received the Sangeet Natak Academy award. He was awarded Padma Shri in the year 2010 for his contribution to the field of art. He is a member of Rajya Sabha.

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