Corruption in India: The DNA and the RNA (Paperback)

By Bibek Debroy And Laveesh Bhandari

India will need to win the battle against endemic corruption if it has to survive, prosper and achieve the status of a developed economy and an inclusive society. To design a comprehensive anti-corruption program we need to (i) appreciate the core elements that lead to corrupt behavior by public officials and (ii) understand the mechanics of corruption. These elements range from poor policy formulation, low use of technology, inappropriate assignment of discretion and lack of transparency and accountability. The authors argue that improvements in efficiency of governance and anti-corruption efforts will need to go hand in hand. The war can be won as it has been in other democracies only through political action driven by pressure from citizens to demand both greater efficiency and honesty from their government.

Bibek Debroy is an economist and is currently a Professor with the Centre for Policy Research, Delhi. In the past, he has worked in universities, management institutes, research organizations, chambers of commerce and for the government. His specific research interests are health, education, law, governance and trade. He is the author/editor of several books, academic papers and popular articles. He has been a columnist and consulting editor with several newspapers and magazines and is presently, a columnist and Contributing Editor with The Economic Times.

Laveesh Bhandari has been studying the Indian economy in its many facets for over a decade and a half. His research spans all sectors, economic growth, regulation and policy. He currently heads Indicus Analytics monitoring the performance of the Indian economy, States, districts, cities and consumer markets. Previously he has conducted policy research at NCAER and taught economics at Boston University and IIT Delhi. He has published widely and authored many reports and publications and writes frequently in national and international dailies.

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