Bureaucrazy gets Crazier: IAS Unmasked, (Eleventh Impression 2021) (Paperback)

By M.K. Kaw

This is an intimate, inside look at the state of the Indian Administrative Service, with nothing held back. It lays bare the activities of the modern mandarins behind bolted portals, describing how they crawl up the greasepole of success, manipulating in-laws and outlaws with equal felicity.

The way they bootlick superiors is only matched by the fervour of their pontification at juniors. The tussles at the top get really gory, as the commitment is to individuals rather than principles. Himself a senior IAS officer, the author tears off the mask and exposes the authentic face of his own clan.

Bureaucrazy was first published in 1993. Its first edition was sold out in 30 days. It was translated into Hindi and Punjabi under the title Afsarshahi Benaqab. Over the years there has been a clamour for Bureaucrazy 2. This is a revised and updated edition of the original with 15 new chapters in addition to the 31 of the first edition.

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