Across The Himalayan Gap: A Chinese Quest for Understanding India (Hardcover)

By Tan Chung, Zhang Minqiu and Ravni Thakur

While Sino-Indian relations have reached a level of maturity over the last few decades, little information about Chinese perceptions of India is available.

This book introduces Chinese thinkers and Indologists to the Indian readers by translating from the Chinese articles on India that cover aspects of Indian society, politics, history, economics and strategic thinking. It is the much-awaited sequel to Across the Himalayan Gap: An Indian Quest for Understanding China. Written by eminent scholars, diplomats and other intellectuals in China, these essays introduce to the lay public an overview of the diverse intellectual opinions on India in China. The book provides an insight into perceptions of India within China and how the Chinese view the evolution of Sino-Indian relations. It also reflects the enormous knowledge and research on India that exists within China from ancient India to the present. Perceptions of each other are an important aspect of bilateral ties and this book provides a valuable glimpse into Chinese perceptions of India. An essential reader for those interested in China and Sino-Indian relations.

Tan Chung is acknowledged internationally for his scholarship and life-long dedication in creating meaningful bridges of communication between India and China. He taught at Delhi University and JNU till his retirement in 1994. He was the editor of the first volume, Across the Himalayan Gap: An Indian Quest for Understanding China. He is the author of many books, amongst them Rise of the Asian Giants: Dragon and Elephant Tango. He was awarded the Padma Bhushan in 2010 and the China India Friendship award, 2010.

Zhang Minqiu retired as Professor at the Department of International Studies, Beijing University. She is a specialist on Sino-Indian relations and the Indian Economy. She has studied at JNU and taught Chinese at the School of Languages, JNU. Her work on the Tata Company in India and Indian business climate has been amongst the first by Chinese researchers. She is the editor of the Chinese volume of this book.

Ravni Thakur is currently Professor of China Studies at the International Academy, Jamia Millia Islamia. She has a PhD in Sinology from the University of Leiden and an MA in Development Studies from the Institute of Social Studies, The Hague. She has studied, lived and worked in China and been engaged with Chinese studies since she first went to study at Beijing University in 1982. She specializes in contemporary China and has published extensively on the internal dynamics of China's political economy and Sino-Indian relations. She was the associate editor of Across the Himalayan Gap: An Indian Quest for Understanding China.

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