The Fables of Fractured Times (Paperback)

By Manish Tewari

The Fables of Fractured Times is a compilation of articles written by Manish Tewari between 2017 and 2018 which have appeared in the columns of leading newspapers. The articles reflect his views on a wide array of issues, trends and events in the domestic and international arena in today's fractured times. The country's widening governance deficit, the crises in Indian economy and the role of the media in democracy are some of the issues expertly analysed in this book.

The author has also reflected on issues that have disturbed the social harmony in the country, taking a critical view of the current government's stance on the matter. He has emphasized on the need for electoral reforms and mechanisms to democratize democracy in India. The book deals with India's engagement with different nations and the challenges of its foreign policy. It explores the contemporary concerns in India's geopolitics, stressing on the need to prevent turmoil in Indo–Pak relations and take a firm stand on ties with China.

Despite the book adopting a critical stance on a wide array of issues and policies of the current government, the author however remains optimistic about the capability of the strong Indian political system and democracy.

Manish Tewari is a leading Supreme Court lawyer and former Parliamentarian who served as Minister of Information and Broadcasting in the UPA government. He was a member/special invitee to the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs, Cabinet Committee on Parliamentary Affairs and Cabinet Committee on Investments among others. He was also member of numerous Empowered Group of Ministers (EGoM) and Group of Ministers dealing with a diverse array of policy issues.

Tewari was a member of the Parliamentary Standing Committees of External Affairs, Law and Justice and Defence. He also served on the Parliamentary Consultative Committees of the Ministries of Defence and Law and Justice. During his tenure in Parliament, he moved a number of Private Member's Bills, including one to bring Intelligence Agencies under parliamentary oversight.

Currently, he is the National Spokesperson and Secretary of the Foreign Affairs Department of the Indian National Congress. He has been appointed member of the Congress party's Publicity Committee for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

A prolific writer, Tewari has published two books, Decoding a Decade (2016) and Tidings of Troubled Times (2017).

“Manish Tewari is an exceptional member of his generation of politicians wielding a pen that is both provocative and perceptive. These essays demonstrate his grasp of both public policy and international affairs.”

— Sanjaya Baru, Distinguished Fellow, United Service Institution of India; Ex-Media Advisor to former Prime Minister of India

Publication Date: 26-11-2018

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