Silence is Fatal: A Call for Change (Paperback)

By Sanjay ‘Krishnnaʼ

Silence is Fatal – A CALL FOR CHANGE is a collection of 25 short stories that presents a vivid panorama of the socio-political landscape, highlighting its paradoxes and perplexities. Interspersing facts with a dose of fiction, the author portrays how humans fail each other even as those in governance make matters worse by their capricious behaviour. It brings to light the deafening silence that has overpowered the rational minds of the nation, who instead of raising their voice against aberrations, prefer to suffer in silence which can prove fatal. The book is a call to bring about a perceptible change in our thinking, perception and attitude so as to address all that ails our personal, social and political behaviour.

Sanjay ‘Krishnna’ is an alumnus of Sainik School, Lucknow, National Defence Academy and JNU, New Delhi. After a brief stint, he left the army to devote himself to social service. He has served as State Information Commissioner and Hon’ble Member of the Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission. Being inspired by his illustrious father, the author took to writing at a young age. A collection of verses, penned by him in Hindi, is under publication, among others.

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