EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP plays a most pivotal role in affecting the learning environment for students, attitudes of teachers and the institutional reputation. With successful leadership, schools can become effective incubators for learning with a strong foundation and direction.

Leadership styles have so far been an underresearched subject across the world, barring some developed countries. This book explores various leadership styles of school principals and their impact on building institutions. Grounded in research, rich with case studies from across the world and replete with anecdotes, it will relate to all the stakeholders in a school.

SEEMA MALIK is a school leader in Delhi with an experience spanning nearly three decades in Indian schools in various capacities. She has raised six schools from scratch for leading school chains of India in different geographies and cultures. Since she has experienced a robust culture of inquiry-based scholarship in Delhi, Cambridge and London Universities, this is a work based on acclaimed research in the field of educational leadership, corroborated with her own experience in the schools of India, Singapore and the UK. All the schools that she has worked in as a senior teacher had different leadership styles which exhorted her to write about them. The years spent in Cambridge University’s Faculty of Education have left an indelible mark on her educational worldview.

Publication Date: 22.10.2021

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